Winterizing Your Ruidoso Home

Make Winterizing Your Home a Brrr-eeze!

By: Jillian A. Mills, REALTOR®

Winter is almost here!  And, as we pull on hoodies, dust off our soup pots and stock up on cocoa, it’s important to also consider what we need to do to ready our homes for the colder months. Preventive maintenance helps keep houses at their optimum and can save homeowners on energy costs as well as costly repairs.  Here are a few tasks that can help:

  • Storm doors and windows are great at preventing cold air from entering and warm air from escaping.  If this isn’t something you want to consider, weather stripping and door sweeps are an effective alternative that can be purchased at a fraction of the cost and easily installed.
  • Inspect to protect! Make sure to check for cracks in the seals around doors and windows. A few beads of caulking can go a long way in keeping those chilly breezes outside, where they belong. Also, bear in mind that significant heat can be lost through openings in the attic. So, take a peek up there and make sure you have enough insulation. 
  • Whether you are someone who likes to control everything with your smartphone or an old schooler who does most things manually, a programmable thermostat may be something to consider – especially for second homes or if you’re away a lot. Customizing your heating so your system doesn’t run when you don’t need it can make a bigger impact than you may realize.  Even a few degrees lower when you’re away or sleeping can add up to savings as well as less wear and tear on your furnace. And, these devices tend to be very user-friendly. Just figure out your numbers, set it and forget it!
  • Clean up your act! Or, at least your filter. A dirty furnace filter clogged with lint, pollen and dust can significantly obstruct airflow causing your furnace to have to run longer and work harder to heat your home. 
  • Call your power company.  Many offer free consultations to help identify what specific changes you can make to get your home more energy efficient. 

While this may seem like a lot of work, much of it doesn’t take a lot of time and once you’ve taken care of it, the majority of winterizing needs only be checked on annually rather than totally redone each year.  So, roll up your sleeves and give your space the TLC it needs to be at its best through the cold season. Your home will thank you.  And, you can use that saved money for logs to crackle in the fireplace and miniature marshmallows for your cocoa.  Wishing you a warm and toasty winter! 

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