Hondo Iris Farm and Gallery

P: 575-653-4062 or 575-973-0006

E: iris@hondoirisfarm.com

24 miles east of Ruidoso, at mile marker 284 on Hwy. 70., New Mexico

The Iris Farm has moved to 28599 Hwy 70, Hondo, NM.  Free Admission, picnic tables.   May hours:  8-5 Monday-Saturday, 10-4 on Sunday. Hwy 70, MM. 284. (575)653-4062. Or (575) 653-4809. Music, Thai Food Truck

We have a goldfish pond, picnic tables, and a hummingbird porch. We have both potted iris and mail-order iris for sale. We also have an online catalog. 

The gallery features the artistry of Alice Warder Seely, a New Mexico artist of Anglo, Hispanic, and Native American descent. (Alice is also the resident horticulturist and, along with Chris Camacho, the resident horticulturist, is responsible for the Iris Farm and the landscaping.) Alice is a painter, sculptor, and jewelry and textile designer. The gallery features her work along with the work of dozens of other craftspeople from around the world.

The gallery’s main entrance features Alice’s jewelry. Alice hand casts and assembles the jewelry in her jewelry factory down the highway. Alice sells her jewelry to over 500 museum gift shops, galleries, national parks, airport stores, and boutiques in the United States and Canada.  The rest of the gallery is filled with pottery, purses, baskets, and decorative items, all at affordable prices.

One surprising gallery feature is a contemporary collection of women’s clothing, assembled from around the world. The clothing line is unique and upscale, and all sizes can be accommodated. Women who visit the gallery are astounded by the interesting designs, the degree of tastefulness, and the fact that so many well-known American designers are also represented. And, again, prices are reasonable.

New clothing items arrive continually.
Children are welcome. Trip Advisor: a four and a half star rating.