Marriage Guide

Guide to Getting Married in Lincoln County, New Mexico

There is only one location in Lincoln County in which to obtain a marriage license.  The Bride and Groom must appear in person to purchase the license at the County Clerk’s Office in Carrizozo.


County Clerk Office

300 Central Ave.

Carrizozo, NM 88301

575-648-2394 Ext. #6 or 800-687-2705 ext #6

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  • Apply in person (Bride and Groom) Monday through Friday  8:00AM – 5:00PM

  •  $25.00 fee (Cash, Check or Money Order)

  •  Bring photo identification such as driver’s license, Military ID, Passport.  A birth certificate may also be used in conjunction with a picture ID.

  •  Must be over 18.  If under 18 both parents must be present to sign the application.  A court order is required to issue a marriage license for anyone under 16.

  •  To be married in Lincoln County you may not use a marriage license issued from another state. However, the license can be issued in any New Mexico county and it will be valid in Lincoln County.

  •  License must be returned to the County Clerk’s Office within 90 days of marriage. 

  •  You may obtain the marriage license in advance.  Until the marriage occurs the license does not have an expiration date. There is no waiting period and the license is valid upon issue.

  •  Blood tests are not required. 

  •  You will need two witnesses at the wedding ceremony to sign the wedding license. 

  •  Persons who can perform marriage: All Judges, Pastors, Ministers.