Do You Need An Agent To Buy A Home

Do I Really Need a Real Estate Agent to Buy a House?

By: Jillian A. Mills, REALTOR®

Are you a DIYer who's aching to apply those mad skills to homebuying but aren't quite sure if you should? Let's look at it! With today's online platforms, people have more information at their fingertips than ever. But, is that enough? As I mentioned in last month's blog, a real estate transaction is a very complex legal, financial and emotional process. And, this holds true whether you're the buyer or seller.

So, how do agents benefit the buyer?

  • Agents can give you access to homes via the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). While online platforms are helpful, they don’t always operate in real time. In a fast-moving market that could translate to you missing out on the property of your dreams!
  • Agents know other agents. Your agent may hear of properties, through networking, before they actually hit the market. This may enable you to get a pre-market showing thereby getting your foot in the door ahead of other buyers which could make all the difference in a competitive market.
  • Access. To see several properties, you’d have to spend time contacting and dealing with multiple listing agents and or sellers and working around their schedules, while a single agent representing you can get you into all the properties that interest you with ease and at times that are convenient to you. Think of your agent as your well-connected wingman!
  • Time! An agent can save you time by making sure the listings you are seeing aren’t about to be under contract before you can even make an offer. They can do all of the coordinating, route planning and other tedious details involved so all you have to do is show up and focus on the houses.
  • Money. Agents know the market and represent you and your interests. They know how to negotiate with sellers and listing agents who are looking out for their own interests, not yours.
  • FREE! Who doesn’t like that word? With the seller typically assuming the cost of agents on both sides of the transaction, why would you even consider foregoing an expert in the field?
  • Agents prepare all paperwork to help protect you legally from any allegations of fraud, negligence, breach of contract and beyond (Having someone representing you who is knowledgeable in the complexities of the multiple contracts associated with property transfer is something to consider very strongly.) *This was listed in last month’s blog for sellers. But, it holds true for both sides. If none of the other benefits of having an agent resonate with you, protecting yourself legally in what is likely the most expensive transaction you’ll ever make, really should.


Truthfully, this is only a short list of what an agent can do for you.  Purchasing a house can be a tedious, frustrating, uphill battle that could even include legal repercussions when going it alone.  A good agent will make the process seamless, exciting and even a lot of fun!  So, you can hold fast to your DIYer mentality or team up with a pro.  It’s really up to you.  Make good choices. 

Real estate questions? Reach out…I’m here to help! #justaskjillian 


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