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Ruidoso Municipal Schools provide students a quality educational experience by ensuring consideration for each student's needs. Maintenance of low student/teacher ratios ensures that students receive individual attention throughout each school day. A qualified corps of teacher's aides provides the faculty with assistance in day-to-day classroom activities.

Annual scores on national scholastic achievement tests indicate that Ruidoso Schools equip their students with the necessary educational competence to enter adulthood as productive and competitive individuals. These scores contribute to Ruidoso's statewide recognition as having one of New Mexico's finest instructional systems. Sixty percent of students go on to post-secondary education.

Recognizing its duty to respond to the needs of all students, the Ruidoso Municipal School System provides each child with modern facilities, qualified faculty, programs and extracurricular activities to assure their educational growth.

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bullet Ruidoso Middle School
bullet White Mountain Intermediate
bullet White Mountain Elementary
bullet Sierra Vista Primary
bullet Nob Hill Early Childhood Center
bullet Gavilan Canyon School

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Ruidoso High School:
125 Warrior Drive, 575-258-4910

Ruidoso High School has one of the most beautiful natural settings and one of the finest physical plants available to any high school, anywhere.

The school occupies three structures. The main building houses administration offices, library, cafeteria, gymnasium, and basic classroom units. Two specialized buildings house Fine Arts and Industrial Arts complexes. The school's exterior design and finish is in keeping with traditional New Mexico and Ruidoso styles.

To ensure that the instructional program is unlimited by faculty size, the school endeavors to use every staff member's unique talent to expand curricula. Opportunities provided to students in academic subjects include arts, vocational training, and physical education. Students are allowed to maximize their talents through remedial, regular, enriched, and advanced programs. Students are assisted in making cholces by a concerned counseling staff. A successful athletic program offers students the opportunity to attain competitive goals they may set for themselves.

With community partnership, the school assumes responsibility for educating its students in citizenship, leadership, vocational competencies, economic understanding, and creativity. There is an emphasis on encouraging students to learn through active participation, while requiring adherence to and respect for the rules and regulations of society.

Ruidoso Middle School:
134 Reese Drive, 575-257-7324

Ruidoso Middle School is home to the district's seventh and eighth graders. The goal of the administration and faculty is to ease the transition from elementary to high school and to guide students through this special and sometimes overwhelming time in their lives.

The school's instructional programs include math, science, social studies, language arts and reading. The school also provides a wide variety of exploratory classes. These include physical education, conditioning, life management, life skills, Spanish, publications, art, band, guitar, and choir.

Often at this age, students begin to exhibit more success in competitive activities. Physical abilities, as the student matures, lend themselves to organized sports activities. Ruidoso Middle School has addressed this by offering intra-district competitive athletic programs. Basketball, track, and football each receive equal emphasis.

Ruidoso Middle School is dedicated to the process of preparing students for the passage into the upper grades.

White Mountain Intermediate:
203 E White Mountain Dr, 575-258-4150

White Mountain Intermediate houses the fifth and sixth grade students of the district and serves as a stepping-stone in the educational journey, assisting students with the difficult transition from the self-contained elementary to the more independent secondary situation.

The team concept is used at both grade levels. Dedicated teachers ensure a nurturing environment where students are provided with a rich and demanding curriculum where they learn to handle the responsibility that accompanies the freedoms of preadolescence

The school's instructional program is enhanced through exploratory or supplementary classes such as band, choir, drama, Spanish, physical education, and dance. Students have access to the most current technology and telecommunications. Multimedia is incorporated into many classes. Special programs, such as Chapter 1 in mathematics and language, bilingual studies, library, and enrichment programs address the special needs of students.

White Mountain Elementary:
203A E White Mountain Dr, 575-258-4220

White Mountain Elementary School is the Ruidoso facility for the third and fourth grade children of the district. With its campus located next to Sierra Vista Primary, this school has regular classroom teachers delivering reading, math, language arts, spelling, social studies, and science curricula to the children.

The faculty is assisted by Subject Area Assistants in music, art, science, physical education, computer lab, library, speech, physical therapy, occupational therapy, inclusion classes, instructional support, Chapter 1 reading, and bilingual education.

Sierra Vista Primary:
199 White Mountain Dr, 575-258-4943

Sierra Vista Primary School, Ruidoso's newest campus, opened in August 1994 after many months of planning by a group of teachers, parents, and administrators. The school is home for first and second graders, and its enrollment during the first year was approximately 375 students.

Curricula at Sierra Vista emphasizes the development of strong reading and math skills, with an emphasis on social skills, respect, and responsibility. It also provides instructional support programs including Chapter 1 reading and math, instructional computer lab, library, physical education, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech, inclusion, bilingual education, Title VII, and gifted education. The school has a part-time counselor and a Native American Liaison.

Sierra Vista offers an Extended Day Program. Parents may bring their children to school before regular school hours, and may choose to have them stay after school hours. Children are under the supervision of certified teachers. The program has proved to be safe, nurturing, and enriching for the children.

Nob Hill Early Childhood Center: 103 S Sutton Dr, 575-257-9041

Nob Hill Early Childhood Center provides an environment where young children and their families begin the educational experience.

The Center's curriculum includes Headstart, Kindergarten and a program for three and four year old children with developmental disabilities. Students have opportunities to experience learning using developmentally appropriate materials and strategies. Thematic learning, using ideas important to young children, is emphasized at the Center. Each child has the opportuninty to learn through active participation in hands-on activities

Family is an important concept at Nob Hill. The professional staff recognizes that the family is the primary teacher in a child's life, and the Family Center provides resources, materials, training information, workshops, and collaboration. Family members are encouraged to become involved in their child's education.

At Nob Hill, teachers and specialists work together to provide optimal education opportunities. Speech/language pathologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, a bilingual staff and counselors work closely with the teaching staff to provide a well-rounded early childhood curriculum.

Gavilan Canyon School: 819 Gavilan Canyon Rd, 575-257-5707

Gavilan Canyon School is an alternative, day treatment program for students age 11 through 18. The goal of the program is to establish and meet high expectations for each student, resulting in a positive transition back to the regular public school program.

The school provides an appropriate educational program, therapies, and rehabilitative services to those students who, because of significant emotional disturbances, problematic behavioral patterns, socially unacceptable behaviors, or prolonged academic underachievement, demonstrate needs that are not currently being met within the general education programs of the Ruidoso schools.

The curriculum emphasizes basic skills in reading, writing, math, and communications along with personal management and leadership. Technology is integrated within the curriculum and advanced computer skills are stressed. Outdoor education, community service, and work-study programs are designed as appropriate for each student.

The school is located at 819 Gavilan Canyon Road and is separate from general education facilities. A multidisciplinary team of teachers, counselors, instructional assistants, social workers, and volunteers provide for a 1:4 staff-to-student ratio. Parent training and participation are highly emphasized.

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