Why a B&B?

Why stay in a Bed and Breakfast?

Whether you are celebrating Valentines Day, a birthday or anniversary, a proposal of marriage or a honeymoon, no escape is as perfect as a romantic inn.† B&Bís flourish today in large part because they provide an atmosphere of warmth and coziness that traditional hotels simply canít match.


A Lovely Setting


A Quiet Room


Appealing decor


Convenience of a home kitchen


Private, adult atmosphere

Every Bed and Breakfast is unique.† B&B customers truly are guests, and it shows.† Our Innkeepers will gladly help you find the best restaurant in town, point you to the most romantic spot and much more.

Choosing a bed and breakfast allows you to seclude yourself in privacy, or enjoy the company of fellow guests.† At the end of even a short visit youíll say farewell to friends whose company and conversation youíll long remember.

B&B Homes usually have 5 rooms or less.† These establishments are owner-occupied.† In some homes you may share common living areas with the owner. Breakfast is the only meal served to overnight guests. B&Bs may host events such as weddings, family reunions, small business meetings, etc. In this area B&Bs have 3-12 bedrooms and most rooms have a private bathroom.† Bed and Breakfast establishments have business licenses, comply with government ordinances, and pay all appropriate taxes.† B&Bs are located in a legally zoned area and meet all the fire, building and health requirements.

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