Our daughter and son in law own property there, and will be building within the year, so we greatly enjoyed visiting this Web site...we're anxious to visit and check it out for ourselves!!!
Bob Kumpan bjkumquat2@aol.com
Lady Lake, FL

I am really interested in getting married in Ruidoso. Can you give me some ideas for places to get married there?
Misty Mackey, had1959@yahoo.com
Stamford, TX

Have been to your beautiful city now twice in the last two years and we have really enjoyed staying with you. Really enjoyed the Christmas spirit and great scenery. Great accommodations at Story Book Cabins and went on sleigh ride and to Ski Apache last year. Hope to make it back this coming December 2004. Hoping for snow next year.
George & Kathy M. rr4man@yahoo.com
Runge, TX

This website is fantastic, great skiing and i will be visiting with newcomers from the alamo city of San Antonio, Tx. Keep the bars open :)
jay arhatley@yahoo.com
san antonio, tx

Need some tips to plan family vacations, i will be there by New Years week, help¡¡¡ specially kids stuff Thanks U
Roberto rnz0617@hotmail.com
Monterrey, Mexico

Heather and I will be visiting Ruidoso in Jan 2004 with 10 of our friends. We like your website. We will be staying at Lauren's cabin and skiing for 2 days. Looking forward to our trip. Can't wait to meet Ruidoso, NM.
Heather Gunter and Jamie Banks jabanks2003@yahoo.com
Chicago, IL

I am planning the Pettit Reunion for 4 days over July 4th weekend 2004, we are staying at LaJunta Lodge, visiting the American West Museum, but I need more tips on what is the best thing to see and do in Ruidoso, can you get back to me? Thanks LP
LaDonna Pettit atrick.ladonna@sbcglobal.net
Houston, TX

Coming by weekend before X-mas.....Have not been to Ruidoso in about 12 years......cant wait!!!!!
Rick & Noemi Flores salcidon@msn.com
El Paso, TX

Our third year to plan our trip from your site thanks for the ideas!
royce and greta roycebowman@hotmail.com
lubbock, tx

Just surfed it and looking around.
Galya galina.mavado@hotbox.ru
Sophia, Bulgaria

First i want to say that this site is really good, though you could improve your design a little bit... but thats my opinion ;)
Julia Julia113@mail.ru
Urypinsk, Russia

Hi. Figured if you had a guest book, you wanted people to sign it. Well, here's mine!
Elena Prekrasnaya Elena.Prekrasnaya@spam.net
Praga, Chechnya

I just wanted to say hi and tell you that you have a great website.
Zazhopisk, Uzbekistan

Sorry, I am trying to install the same guestbook's script and it does not work. I am wondering how people did do it
Yana holodova@mail333.com
Tokyo, Japan

Guys, are you sure it s the best script for guestbook? Why do you use it
Natasha kittykatnata@mail.com
shanhay, China

Hi! You made a very funny site :) Pretty nice job
Rolex1113 Rolex1113@hotmail.com
Mongomery, NB

I Love this city it is the best!  I had so much fun there and I will be back on January every year from now on.
Daniel Alcala dao_ruta7a@yahoo.com
El Paso, TX

Just thought I'd say hi
Chuck Regguy2028@charter.net
Long Beach, CA

Interesting site. Thank you.
Joseph padannamakkel@yahoo.com
Kanjirappally, India

I was was stationed at Walker A.F.B. 1952 to 1954 and used to visit Ruidoso Time to Time what a change, i cant believe you could still keep the same charm after all these years.
Jack Daley jtdaley@aol.com
West Haven, CT

We're coming after Christmas thru New Years. Pray for snow!
Billy billybong@ev1.net
Houston, TX

We are planning to spend Thanksgiving in Ruidoso...Looking for a real "Thanksgiving Dinner", New Mexico style....
A. Calbert cnacalbert@aol.com
Baton Rouge, LA

We just came through New Mexico. Enjoyed our visit to several places of interest, however, missed Ruidoso. We will try to visit Ruidoso next year. Enjoyed your web site.
Gary and Norma Hubbard hubohio@aol.com
Medina, OH

We have a house in Ruidoso that we get to visit often. It is a long drive from OKC but well worth it when we get there. The village is growing and is a great retirement community. Great website, I like to check the weather when we aren't there. See you in two weeks. I hear it is snowing.
Vicky Noakes noax@cox.net

I have lived in Ruidoso for several years and still have a home there, I plan to retire there someday. I love the friendly people and the Beauty.
John Messmore webmaster@yummmy.com
Bakersfield, CA

Friends are moving near the beautiful Ski Apache Resort and I would like to meet someone special near there also. Looking for the Native American man of my 57 year old Native Lady dreams.
Native Lady barbara.d.dorr@disney.com

I am looking for a Guthrie Family Reunion. It is held every 2-3 yrs in some town( that starts with an "L" in Tx. Anyone with any info please email me. Thank you
Joni Pilgreen stillaguthrie1@yahoo.com
Dayton, TX

I just like to say I love this community. This site is also great. I have a web base store, and now planning to open a shop in mid-town,, check us out. Thanks RUIDOSO FOR ALL YOU DONE.
Eddie N. Sanchez ens19us@valornet.com
Ruidoso, NM

beautiful state great senery
cliff maner daddyboo58@aol.com
knoxville, tn

I was just thumbing through my wife's new issue of "Sunset" magazine and saw the article on your community. We are planning to retire in a few years and are looking to relocate so we are able to play golf year-round. I also am still an avid skier and boater, Ruidoso is now on our list of "must-see communities". Hope to see you soon. Jim and Connie Anderson
Jim Anderson homerealestate@frontiernet.net
Kearney, NE

Hello and congrats on a noteable achievement. Will tell the guys at RSYT about it..may be some more good input there. Peace
Vincent Carr v_carr@sportingchanceforlife.com.es
Garzameene, Europe

Recently my family and I had the pleasure of visiting your community. We lost our camera and all of the photo's on the disc. (it is a digital). One of your resident shop owners contacted us, because we had left a phone number and e-mail address in the camera case. I think that this act of honesty is representative of your community, and should be acknowledged. The store owner was Joyce Bujosa, her store is Paradise Air Plants. I wish to thank you and your community for making our visit great, and we will return many more times. sincerely
Bob Shirey rlshire@yahoo.com

Very nice web! Thanks
marbella buscadores@complejocreativo.com

We were there early August and we loved it. We plan on returning yearly.
Rose Gonzales gonzales5202@sbcglobal.net
San Antonio, TX

I am a retired Police Sergeant from the Ruidoso Police Department. I retired 5 years ago come the 1st of November. I was surfing the web and came across your website. I really enjoyed seeing the photos of Ruidoso and events. My wife (Judy) and I live in Cullam, Alabama now, but we do return to Ruidoso often to see a daughters Lisa & Tina and a daughter Angie who is a nurse in El Paso, Tx. I did download the screensaver and I do really enjoy it. Thank you for sharing it.
Bobby (B.J.) Barnes, Ruidoso Police Sergeant (Retired)
Bobby J. Barnes (B.J.) bjbarnes@linkfast.net
Cullman, AL

I've never been to New Mexico and I've been trying to find sites about the place and this is the only thing that's been at least a little beneficial. I want to know about the High Schools in Ruidoso and the community, so if any could help me then please e-mail me with the website or pictures.
Danielle D_lo87@yahoo.com
Comanche, TX

I will not forget this webpage, it's really nice.
Niki autos@rentacar-int.com.ar

Does anyone in Rancho Ruidoso Valley estates have a digital camera that could send me some pictures of our property? E-mail me
Chuck Garcia Regguy2028@aol.com

Long Beach, CA

Would love to obtain Ruidoso pen pals. My husband and I are planning to move there. We are the baby boomer crowd...not retired still working...!!! All the best ..Sharon Patton
Sharon Patton hotcitybarbeque@yahoo.com 
Guthrie, OK

We love Ruidoso whenever we have a day off from our busy schedule, then we head over to Ruidoso for some peace and quiet. We love doing everything from g0-kart's, to tennis, to hiking, to horseback riding, skiing, but overall I love the tranquility that Ruidoso has.
Rafael & Erica eaguirrgarcia@yahoo.com
El Paso, TX

I had never been to Ruidoso before this past weekend and if it hadn't been for our friends who go there for the CASINO action we would have never found it! We stayed at Mountain Air cabins and it was WONDERFUL! The peace and quiet was great and the pines were beautiful. It was a very magical place and I know that my husband and I will be going there again and again! Thanks for a WONDERFUL time!
Diane Main Dianesdepot@aol.com
Dallas, TX

We are planning a weekend in the mountains shortly before they are sending my husband overseas for a year. I am really looking forward to it. The pictures are great and the website is very "user friendly". Thanks!
Mrs Luis Osorio dee_osorio@yahoo.com
El Paso, TX

My high school sweetheart and I reunited after 37 years and decided to meet in a neutral area....Ruidoso. It was pure magic for us on many levels but the beauty and kindness of the people added to our experience. We plan on going back there every year to rekindle the magic. Everyone deserve a trip there once in a lifetime. Peggy & Pete
Peggy Crowley 3crowdog@northnet.org
Massena, NY

I think the scenic beauty of Ruidoso is just breath taking. I love visiting any chance I get.
Chris Granholm  chris7ba@yahoo.com
El Paso, TX

We happened on APACHE VILLAGE CABINS in Ruidoso NM, and stayed in a 2 bedroom cabin with our family, The cabins were comfortable, the cabins were clean and the price was right. We cooked out, the kids had room to play and we enjoyed the porch of our cabin and the cool mountain pines. I recommend Apache Village.
John Dimitri jd765@msn.com
El Paso, TX

As a child my family spent several family vacations camping in Ruidoso. I have always had wonderful memories of those times. This year my husband and I decided to spend our vacation there. He had never been there - In fact he had never been west of Lubbock. All of his travels have been in the Eastern part of the country. As so many others who have responded - we fell in love with the area. My husband has always said that he would travel anywhere, but would only live in Texas (you know how us Texans can be). We have now decided though that we would like to retire there. I am so jealous of those of you who get to wake up and see the beautiful scenery every morning - especially in these 100+ days we have.  Before our trip I found this web site, and the information you provided made our trip wonderful. You are doing a great job! Thanks!
Dianna Hughes volney@cst.net
Wichita Falls, TX

We both reckon that Rio Doso is the purrtiest lil' place in this here neck of the woods! Granny, er, I mean Joani, is originaly from Clovis, and now I know why she drug me here. Next time I'd drag her, but neither of us don't need to be drug no more!! Seriously, Rio Doso is TRULY ENCHANTED!
Joani & Wild Bill havanabill@earthlink.net
Sun City West, AZ

Great site! Keep it running!
Marc webmaster@angebotsseiten.de
Berlin, Germany

Hi, I plan to visit Ruidoso for the first time. Also, will ski for the first time. Does anyone have advice on Ski Apache? Does anyone have a rental cabin to recommend? Thanks!
Mike Starr mjjnstarr@cox.net
New Orleans, LA

My partner, our six month old son and I spent time in New Mexico this past summer. We love NM and hope to relocate there one day. The only regret - not visiting Ruidoso!! We will certainly visit this lovely city next summer when we return to NM. I sent the website link to my mom and her husband, who are searching for a nice place to retire! Ruidoso would be perfect!!
Leslie Beauregard lbeauregard@hampton.gov
Newport News, VA

Has anyone ever stayed at a cabin in Ruidoso called "Two Bears"? Was just wondering if this is a nice cabin. I saw an archived guestbok comment that was very negative about the property management company...Ruidoso Properties...and am having 2nd thoughts. Would appreciate an e-mail from anyone familiar with Two Bears. Thanks.
a. thomas j.thomas39@attbi.com
arlington, tx

I would like to comment that this is a SUPER website of your city of Ruidoso, everything I need within a finger touch. I love the City Of Ruidoso. We try to make it as often as we can to get away from the big city of El Paso.
A fun getaway place for the entire Family and great food and comedy at the Flying J Ranch. We love you folks out there. Great weather, fishing, camping and golf. For those that have not visit this great vast land of Beauty: try to, because life is to short and this land is BEAUTIFUL to pass it up. God Bless YOU The Zamora Family. :)

Z-Z The Clown And Company zztheclown@msn.com
El Paso, TX

Hi, I'm Mexican and I love Ruidoso, is a great and beautiful place, Ruidoso is all for me, ARRIBA MEXICO!!! AND NEW MEXICO TOO!!!!
Maggy bsbymaggy@yahoo.com

Great site! It is always nice to remember our mountain retreat called Ruidoso is only a couple hours away! We will be there this weekend (June 14-15) & can't wait! It's been too long! Can't wait to share the beauty with my newborn daughter! This is a great website & it helps me to plan what to do this weekend!
Melissa Cedillo melgilmorgan@aol.com
El Paso, TX

What a great website! I could do everything I needed from one page. I didn't need to jump to different sites to find the local attractions or hotels or even a church. Great job, Ruidoso!
Cheryl rich1223@juno.com
Albuquerque, NM

I LOVE your website. It is so comprehensive. I was able to schedule our entire trip and never leave your website. I have bookmarked the site and will use it again!!
Terri Welborn TerriBNurs@aol.com

Wonderful web site full of lots of great info. Loved the pictures and hope to visit your city soon!
John Buckendahl littlejohn@alaska.net
Anchorage, AK

Ruidoso, The most beautiful place in the world I fell in love with the Town and the People, and found the love of my Life in Ruidoso. My Kurt.  I hope to return one day to breath that fresh crisp air, and view the light blue skies......Thank you for your great site I got to Visit and remember all that beauty.  Jeanne
Jeanne Dillman littlebar@earthlink.net
Long Beach, CA

Hello, Looking for a place to send my parents for their anniversary. Could someone please recommend some places? Thanks.
Rachel Samuel JRSamuel@cox.net
Oklahoma City, OK

My wife's father Melvin Wiley was from Clovis, N.M. and in 1957 he started building a cabin on Paradise Canyon Road in Ruidoso and he spent part of his summers there, he enjoyed his summer home very much and took his family there with him. In the summer of 1966 his was in the process of hooking up his sewer pipe in a deep trench and a cave-in occurred, by the time he was rescued he had passed away and could not be recovered. His wife could not bear the loss of her husband at this beautiful location and reluctantly sold the property. My wife hasn't been back there since 1966 and one of these days she would like to take a trip to visit the beautiful place where her daddy left this earth. Sincerely, Rudolph Czeizinger the husband of JoCarrol Wiley (Czeizinger)
Rudolph Czeizinger Rczeiz31@aol.com
Dover, DE

Ruidoso was beautiful.  I had to drag myself away with much regret.  I am looking forward to making it my final place to settle.  Jim
Jim Nugent Cherokee182@msn.com
Houston, TX

My only regret about visiting Ruidoso is that I didn't stay long enough! The weather was incredible and the area is beautiful. I just hope the construction on Hwy 70 finishes up soon! If you're looking for something to eat, Weber's Grill makes some pretty good grub, too. Their beer is tasty, too!
Eric ehspam@yahoo.com
San Antonio, TX

I love Ruidoso. We have been lucky enough to be invited to accompany my brother & sister-in-law four times over the last eight years. Each time we have stayed at a different condo or cabin. The golfing for my husband is fantastic, I just drive the cart and appreciate the beautiful scenery.  My sister-in-law and I also started collecting those darling bears. The horse races and gambling are fun. When it's time to head back home that last look out the back window is heartbreaking, knowing we are leaving such a special area.  My dream is to retire in Ruidoso, enjoy the neat shops with such friendly people and enjoy each day knowing I have been privileged to take this all in. Thank you.
Barb Sauceda dsbes@htcomp.net
Hillsboro, TX

My wife and i have been coming to Ruidoso for a number of years it has been our desire to some day to retire to this beautiful place in the mountains, in fact i have even written a poem about our dream maybe someday I will share it we hope to be there in June this year looking forward to this very excited about coming and fishing and shopping and just relaxing gotta love it see ya.
Larry Pinckard pinckard@earthlink.net
Madisonville,  TX

I loved your site.  You must have spent hours in Photoshop doing the graphics
Flowers flowers@flower-isp.org

We truly depend upon this site prior to each visit we make to Ruidoso.  Thank you!
Gary Jones Roger1935@MSN.COM

my current visits to Ruidoso has always been unforgettable because of its people and the beautiful scenery. therefore I am still going every other summer. hope to see you there!!!
Vega fundas88@hotmail.com
Buenaventura, Chih., Mexico

Great Web Page
Marshall Fleming marshall_79360@yahoo.com
Midland, TX

We stayed in Ruidoso for a week in March 2003. It was very nice, and we want to go back sometime in the spring or summer to take part in the activities then. Very beautiful scenery!
Jeremy jeremyw52497@cs.com
Hewitt, TX USA

What a great site I wish all cities had a site this nice. We visit Ruidoso about three or four times a year can't wait for Ruidoso Downs to open in May. Oh well the WPS is always there and is so much fun.
Sharon <pates@azonemail.net>
Aledo, TX USA -
I'd like to request visitor guide to Ruidoso.
Sutanto <bayusutanto@myrealbox.com>
Semarang, JT Indonesia -

I love Ruidoso, Wish I were there. Hello, Vernon, owner/manager of Cabins I stayed at while there!( may have the name wrong) Hello Mountains and trees and rivers and valleys, I miss you! Stay safe and serene...
Teresa Smith Summerlin <tess@thegateway.net>
B, t USA -

We just returned from another visit in beautiful Ruidoso. We could highly recommend the Shadow Mountain Lodge and Bradley D's for breakfast! Beautiful country and nice people. Thanks!
Sharon & Sherman Barr <sharronbarr@gbronline.com>
Wichita, KS USA -
Impressing Page, hope there will be more when I', coming back... :-)
My mother, my son and I are planning on visiting the first week in April. My son is 13 - Any suggestions on what activities he would enjoy in the surrounding area?
cindy brausen <Cindy.Brausen@aol.com>
St. Louis Park, MN USA -
Heho, I just surfed in and only want to say 'hallo' ;o) little fine page, keep up ;o) Greetings from Germany Robert
Rob <robby@hotmail.com>
Deutschland -
Thank you for the wonderful website and information. We need more places like yours. ;-)
Really enjoyed this great site. Brought back lots of good times and good memories. Great job!
greetings and... see You
PKV Analyse <info@private-krankenversicherung-analysen.net>
Germany -
Hello from  :-)
PKW und Auto <info@autoversicherung.net>
Germany -
Excellent Site. My compliments. Happy New Year and keep up that good work. From Germany Wolfgang
We will visiting Ruidoso for the week of March 23, 2003 and we are looking forward to it. We also hope to make Ruidoso our home in the near future. JIM
Jim & Jan Nugent <Cherokee182@msn.com>
Houston, Tx USA -
Visiting Ruidoso in April/May 2004. It looks a super place and the people sound very friendly. Hope to see some of you in the not to distant future. Super Website by the way.
Mark Parker <mark.parker3@virgin.net>
Paignton, England -
I am a student at RHS and I would just like to let the public know that The Band and Choir will be having a concert at the opening of the new theatre that has been built on to the school. We would all appreciate if you would try to come, and spread the word. The Band will start with its small ensembles at 1:15 pm. The full band will begin at 3:00pm, followed by the choir. We have worked very hard on our music and would love you to hear it!
Student @ RHS <thunder_goddess55@yahoo.com>
Ruidoso, NM USA -
I love the website. I love Ruidoso and would live there if I could. I'll see see y'all as soon as I can scream outta here.
Gwen Cowan <howudoorin@yahoo.com>
Waco, Tx USA -
I was looking through your website and wanted to drop you a complement. I have been doing websites for about 3 years and yours is quite impressive. Keep up the good work.
You have a wonderful web site, but it cannot compare to actually visiting "Wonderful Ruidoso". We have access to a cabin and visit once a month. We will be there next weekend and can't wait!! The drive from Lubbock is nothing. It is great to have Ruidoso as a suburb of Lubbock!!
Jim Larner <fjlarner@hotmail.com>
lubbock, tx USA -
The skiing was great yesterday. See you on the mountain.
Steve Smith <stevesmith223@aol.com>
El Paso, tx USA -
How beautiful is this land. I fondly remember visiting, shopping and camping there. I purchased some "wind Spirit" sculptures and would like to buy more. I cant remember the artist. Can someone help Me? Adios.
E. F. Guthrie <eguthrie@msn.com>
Moorhead, MN USA -
We've been coming to Ruidoso several times a year for quite a while. We finally bought some land last year and can't wait to get started building. You have the best views and the friendliest folks. It already seems like home.
Perry Walker <PKMDW0530@PRODIGY.NET>
Borger , Tx USA -
Great Site. I can't wait to visit.
Dan Smith <dgs331@aol.com>
Dallas, TX USA -
nice guestbook
Emil <something@somethingelse.com>
here, WA USA -
Searched the net for my own name came across the artist who lives in your community, she is a wonderful talent I hope to be able to buy her albums.
Adrian Henry <aphenry@tiscali.co.uk>
Mid Calder, Uk -
Hi! My husband, daughter and I moved to Ruidoso in 1999 and stayed almost a year, then moved to the San Antonio/Socorro area. I sure do miss the view and the food from Midtown Grill!!! Feel free to email me :)
Julie Walker <gabbysmom98@hotmail.com>
Livingston, TX USA -
Anyone have any photos of RRVE? I have property on Chisolm Trail, and I heard there are a lot of homes there now. Sure would like to see some pictures.
Chuck <Regguy2028@aol.com>
southern, Ca USA -
Greetings from Huston, TX. My name is Lisa. Let me thank you for such an informative site. I used it to compose cliff notes and free essays for my class. Your site is indeed a wonderful source for all my future term papers and research papers.

There was a good article in the Houston Chronicle today that prompted me to visit your site. Wonderful site! Our family have just decided where we will visit for Spring Break. Looking forward to it!
Denise Gordon <dgordon@dow.com>
Brazoria, Texas USA -

Excellent site ! I enjoyed surfing here ! keep going ! Thank You!
D -
Excellent Site. My compliments. Happy New Year and keep up that good work. From Germany Walter
D -
business directory was very informative (easy to use).
Lucy Ponce <lnsponce@gbronline.com>
Cedar Park, TX USA -
Hi, great site - Please also visit my site at http://www.zooma.net and send me your favorite recipes from all over the world :) Thanks!!! Chris
Great site - very interesting and informative. Beautiful design :) Nina
Wow, what a great site. I really need more vacation time :) Paul
My Family and I have been to Ruidoso just last week and loved every minute of it. It the by far one of the nicest places we have visited. My wife and I will get a vacation home in this town
Hansown <meritmedic@aol.com>
Baytown, Tx USA -
Interessanti e molto suggetive le immagini di Ruidoso. Auguri per il 2003 e saluti da Portorose - Slovenia
Ondina <ondinalusa@hotmail.com>
Portorose, SI Slovenia -
Hello, just found your site in a searchengine, keep up the good work. Greetings from Germany <mail@krankenversickerungen.info>
D -
I love the photo section on this web site. I reminds me of the great times we've had in your beautiful part of the country.
Pat <weedwood@execpc.com>
Racine, WI USA -
Fabulous skiing. The slopes are perfect.
Dan Smith <dgs331@aol.com>
Dallas, TX USA -
Hi Ruidoso! I just wanted to check out this website! I lived in Ruidoso from 1987-1995! Then I moved to TX. :( I really miss it there and if anyone who knows me or my family...write me back please. I MISS THE SNOW!!!
Tashina Whitecotton <tashinarw@hotmail.com>
Houston, TX USA -
My son moved to Ruidoso 2 months ago and he loves it, I can't wait to come to your town. From your Web site it looks like a great place to live or visit. Hopefully I will see it soon.
zane compton <zrc@cox.net>
Norman, OK USA -
you site is exceptional. Have been coming to Ruidoso for past 11 years for Holiday Skiing. My Family and grand kids love the area and the beauty of the mountains. Your site is exceptional.  See ya all next week.
oscar L. Irvin <oirvin@juno.com>
arlington, tx USA -
I check in at this site every so often just to see what I'm missing. Wish I was there. Miss you all.
Louise Desnoyers <canmca2@excite.com>
Boulevard, CA USA -
I check in at this site every so often just to see what I'm missing. Wish I was there.
Louise Desnoyers <canmca2@excite.com>
Boulevard, CA USA -
Hello, just found your site in a searchengine, keep up the good work. Greetings from Germany
One of my best friends in the world just recently moved to Lubbock and are building a home in Ruidoso. She sent this site to me to enjoy the lovely landscapes. Just beautiful. Hope to visit her someday.
jamie henry <vettec4lover@aol.com>
fort smith, ar USA -
I can't wait to hit the slopes. Looks like a great ski season.
Steve Byrd <steve_b@hotmail.com>
Dallas, TX USA -
The beauty, tranquility and hospitality of Ruidoso has drawn me there at least a couple of times each year for the past five years -- and I'm hoping to someday have a home there. I'm leaving the day after tomorrow to make another visit with a friend. I just can't wait. It's my first time to go up in the winter in a very long time. Ruidoso is such a short drive from Lubbock and one of the most relaxing places to just be. For those who haven't been there Cafe Rio is a must!!! The food is terrific!! Can't wait to see the breathtaking vistas and breathe that fresh mountain air!!
Melanie <melanie.howle@noln.net>
Idalou, TX USA -
We visit Ruidoso often! We love it!
Georgeann & Johny Gooding <thegoodings@yahoo.com>
Seminole, TX USA -
Thanks for sharing with us all your talents. I enjoyed my visit. Greetings from Vinderhoute-Belgium. Visiting here was a sheer delight.
Vinderhoute, Flanders Belgium -
Will be visiting Ruidoso Nov. 29th. Hoping to see SNOW!!! Great web site.
Kathy & George <keebler61660@yahoo.com>
Runge, TX USA -
Just Surfing... Great Site!
Scottsdale, AZ USA -
Coming up for Christmas! Can't wait to get there!
Liz and Pat <pjdhvac@hotmail.com>
abilene, tx USA -
The fall is my favorite time to visit this lovely village. The people are very friendly. A nice retreat.
Carol Kennedy <maryak21@aol.com>
El Paso, Tx USA -
Just bought a place in the Ruidoso area. It's a great place! Wish I had more time to go there. :)
Randy <randyh122@aol.com>
Tulsa, OK USA -
Beautiful place!!!!!
Norma Kalnas <normakalnas@aol.com>
El Paso, TX USA -
Thanks to Elizabeth for telling me about this site. I hope to visit her in Ruidoso some day.
Barb <hearts12355@aol.com>
Flushing, NY USA -
Great new look. Keep up the good work.
Dan Smith <dgs331@hotmail.com>
Dallas, TX USA -
Only one word can describe what I've seen on your website... Beautiful. I can not wait visit!!! Hopefully late 2002/early 2003
David Dupont <dupontdfd@hotmail.com>
Shresbury, Ma USA -

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