Tomás Vigil

Tomás Vigil is from New Mexico and lives  in Ruidoso,  N.M. He started playing guitar at age 12, and later, while in high school, he began studying classical guitar. From 1976 to 1980 he studied Music Education at the University of New Mexico concentrating on classical guitar under the famous Cuban classical guitarist Hector  Garcia.

Tomás has participated in several different Master classes, including one held in 1979 with Hector Garcia and Mario Abril at the University of New Mexico and also in 1990 at Lerida, Spain; commemorating the 25th anniversary of the International Classical Guitar Course of Emilio Pujol,  led by Hector Garcia assisted by Ricardo Chic.

Tomás has taught guitar privately and at UNM.  and  has performed in concerts in Spain including Almacelles, Lerida and at the famed Montserrat Monastery  Church. Tomás has performed extensively here in New Mexico with Maestro Garcia and several solo recitals.

Tomás also has taught Mariachi music at the University of New Mexico and at Eastern New Mexico University in Ruidoso. In 1996 Tomás has released a recording called Tomás Vigil Classical Guitar. Music from that CD has been included in the Spanish for Business Professionals, an interactive, intelligent, multimedia tutorial in Spanish for international business professionals. 

In 1998 Tomás arranged and performed music for the film 'The Outfitters', starring Dana Delaney & Danny Nucci,  Written, Directed & Produced by Reverge Anselmo.  Tomás served on the production committee and wrote, directed and performed for 'Keepers of the Land' a Continental Harmony  project   that involved music from three cultures in New Mexico; Native American, Hispanic & the Anglo communities living and working together in NM.  The world premiere was on July 1st 2000 at the Spencer Theater in Ruidoso NM.

In 2005, 2006 and 2008, Tomás was voted 'Lincoln County's Best Musician' by a reader's poll in the Ruidoso, NM News.

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