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We found a camera and went at it with some of the boarders we know- most of which are local including employees. And since we were board and taking pics, we decided to just post the Ski Shops crew along with anything else we found.

The crew as of Christmas 2000.
Dave, Matt-1, Matt-2, Alfonso, Kc, Hector, Orus, Nick, Holland, Tim, Nathan, Daniel, Cole, Cathi.

Napy, hey man i got some Hot Damm?? 

Dwane and Cathi- the proud owners.

Biggie- up to no good, Napy- who knows what he's talking about. And Corny, well- no coment.

Wassup kids... Marsh and Shawn about to tear it up. huh?

Justin's like: damm that tequila was good!


Oh man, sometimes you just gotta take a brake...

Snowboarding chicks are cool, specially if they ride Arbor...what up Amber, Liz, and Holland. 

Orus going off a cat...nice pic though.

Little Mikee- helping out for the day....thanks Mikee.
Nickolide, Corny and Biggie- like usual acting like there working.

The first snowfall before thanksgiving. Yeah that was nice. Got us exited.

Gotta say wassup to the hommies in Tahoe, wassup boys we miss yall.

Holland buged me all day: is my picure there??? huh?? Well yeah, Holland, there you are. j/k We love you.

That looks like sweet jump in the back. What are they doing? Lets BS in the middle of the run way, yeah, yeah.

Biggie Baldrige... the only skier at the shop.

That looks like some mad air- off a hike in upper deep freeze.

About to tear some shait up...wassup shawn and Marsh.

That pic was laying around the shop, so what that hell.

Oc...sweet tail grab.

Marshall is getting better!

Arbor all tha way baby!!

Dang! Go biggie, going balls out. I wonder if he landed? humm..

Justin looks like he's gonna crash, and he did too- ha, ha! Need to slow down dude!


Who are these people? don't know..Not- what up Dwane and Cathi, keep it nice and tight!

We finally got the shop together, so Dwane is not PMS'ing anymore.

Jorge just couldn't take it after a full day of boarding... he actually passeed out...JD- oh yeah!

No way- are these guys drinking? Nah, not them...Sup Tini with the 40oz, sup-Gabe and his Limp Bizkit hat.

Jorge and Oc, wassup Jorge!! come visit dammit.

Sorry, I just had to show these puppies....wanna check em out? go to:

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